1) Brainstorm

Time to get your ideas on paper.

We want to hear all your ideas and goals, that's why we sit down with you and get your vision out of your head and onto paper. Brainstorming gives us the chance to put some structure around the chaos and will help generate unique solutions to your needs.


There is no one right way to solve a problem.

We will move on to coming up with solutions. This is a really fun part! Imagine that you are building your dream home and we are the contractors that come in and together we're drawing up the blueprints. 

2) Prototype

Now, it's our turn. 

After we have the scope of the project defined and prioritized, we move on to prototyping - this is where you trust us with your vision and we begin to make it a reality.

It's just the first draft.

This point is critical for any good project - It's halfway between your ideas and our implementation. Our goal is to create a model for you, from the blueprints we've discussed. It's going to be unpolished and definitely not perfect, but that's more than okay! We take the time to hear your feedback and write up the best blueprints for your needs.

3) Review

Tell us what you really think

Your feedback is priceless. We need you to get specific and tell us verything you hate and love. As we begin to construct and bring your vision to life, it's okay to change your mind and ask us to make those changes.

4) Finalize & Deliver


There's always that last thing!

More often than not, a final review will uncover one or two things that need some tweaking. This phase is all about the details! The foundation of the home is secure, the walls are built, and we need to know if you're happy with the paint colors and trim. Let us know, be honest - we want to build the absolute best for you and your needs.