1) Brainstorm

There’s no one right way to solve problems.

That's why we sit down with you to get your ideas out of your head and onto paper. Brainstorming gives us the chance to put some structure around the chaos that goes on and will help generate unique solutions to your needs.

After we hear your needs

We will move on to coming up with solutions. This is a really fun part, we get to take your pain points and transform them into joyful little nuggets. This may be automating forms to reduce paperwork, crafting a complex booking system, or just taking the stress of posting on social media.

2) Prototype

Think of a mad scientist yelling "IT'S ALIVE!"

After we have the scope of the project defined and prioritized. We move on to prototyping, in this stage, we might have a website layout, basic branding asset, or a functioning but ugly tool.

It's just the first draft.

This point is critical for any good project. It's halfway between your ideas and our implementation. It will allow you to provide feedback, and make changes before we jump off the deep end.

3) Review

Tell us what you really think

When we are finished with the prototype, we will work on the final deliverable. This review phase is the point right before we put our stamp of approval on it. You'll be able to see the project in its last phases and tweak anything out standing.

4) Finalize


There's always that last thing!

It seems like no matter what, a final review will uncover one or two things. We never want to leave you hanging, so we've built this final step in before we deliver the soultion.

5) Delivery

Houston, we are ready for take off!

After all the hard work, we get to hand off the project, and put a bow on it 😀