I am the easy answer for

Web design & development

Semi-professional photo & video

Minor Marketing Needs

And Four Egg Omelettes...

I am the easy answer for

Web design & development,

Semi-professional photo & video,

Minor Marketing Needs,

Four Egg Omelettes!

And all other things tech...

(Asides from anything apple -_- )

Welcome To High Impact

My goal is to make meaningful and honest connections, which means I do things a little differently.

I'm building my brand on these principles:

  1. Work harder
  2. Be honest
  3. Live life
Why does this matter? It matters because I'm not a large agency that just see's you as the next paycheck. Odd's are, I've sought you out and that's because I believe in your business, and I want to help YOU succeed. I also want to get paid, so there's that... But, remember! Honesty.
Alright. You've tolerated my ranting this far, guessing you might be (at least) slightly interested in who I am.

I'll warn you - I suck when it comes to defining what my skillsets are. I am constantly challenging myself to grow and learning new things:  Studying anything from ancient religions to zebra survival strategies and just about anything in between. Thus, I proudly call myself a polymath!

So what can I actually do?

Right now I'm focusing on these three main area's, however I don't want to limit what I can offer.
  1. Web
  2. Video
  3. Photography
It's my job to understand the complicated bits, and help you navigate through relevant information so YOU can make informed decisions about the digital jungle that is the internet.

If you have any questions, or wish to set up a meeting with me please feel free to head over to my contact page.

A head shot of Jonathan Knoll on a train